Meet Amanda Haines

A self-professed girl on the go, Amanda Haines believes in the power of hard work, calculated risk, and a little luck to get the career – and life – you want.

She speaks from experience: an entrepreneur, public relations expert, and lover of all things lifestyle, in 2012 Amanda went from climbing the comfortable corporate ladder to unexpectedly launching her own PR agency, all in the span of a few months. It’s an adventure that started with an unexpected email, and ended with her turning down a promotion, quitting her full-time job, and getting a jump on starting her first business, all in the span of a single day – a wild leap of faith for this perfectionist, type-A personality.

Now five years later, Amanda has learned firsthand the promise and pitfalls of running a successful small business. What started as a fledgling one-woman show has today turned into Reformation, a thriving digital PR firm for modern lifestyle brands. Her personal understanding of entrepreneurial ups and downs, combined with a passion for helping small businesses (and their owners) succeed, led her to launch, a community for every #WomaninCharge of building the career – and life – they want.

Behind the scenes, Amanda lives in Vancouver, Canada with her fiancé Joel and their dog, Dexter. Her obsessions include Mad Men, interior design, and sleeping in – in no particular order.



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